Friday, 17 February 2012

i miss u so much dear!!

..Nobody can wonder wat we think abt each other
nobody can judge how true is our love
nobody can wipe away my tears wid dose intentions as u do
nobody can hold me lyk da way u do
Nobody can love u more den i do 

..Everyday, I Wait For A Text. 
Everyday I See You I Wait For A Hello. 
Everyday I Check My Facebook To See If You Wrote On My Wall. 
Everyday I Tell My Friends How Much I Adore You. 
Everyday I Find Myself Let Down. 
But Everyday I Still Find Hope... 

..Unsaid WOrds....

DOn't HAte YOur LOved Ones FOr Thier Mistakes.....

WhO KnOws.....

The Mistakes Made May Be FOr Ur Happiness TO ShOw

..Their True LO♥e,,,
Just becux i smile doesnt mean i'm happy
i m quite, i m in great pain, i cry at my worse another day means another day of fake smiles fake laughs and inside pain.,,,

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